In the center.right there is a Twitter ‘break’ between Crosetto and Storace

“I just blocked on social networks and on the phone, to exclude him from my life, a person I have known for decades, for whom I have always spent myself, when he has experienced difficult moments, even without having reasons for friendship, gratitude or closeness. He deserved nothing. Amen. ”

This tweet by Guido Crosetto fuels a substantial debate on the social network. There are also those who announce that they have in turn been the object of the same choice by the former FdI parliamentarian but it is Francesco Storace who is hooked – not without his usual, pungent, irony – to one of the comments to confirm, in fact, that he is the target of Crosetto’s intemperate.

“Me there is only a pansiero pè contribute to stò post fleeting: ‘sti caxxi if you blocked Storace …'”, writes in fact a follower of Crosetto to whom the former member of An immediately engages with a laconic “exact”.

Actually it was Storace himself who gave the news of the fact: “A new form of militant anti-fascism? They block you on Twitter. After all, better than the bars of the past. I suggest a good neurologist” his tweet, accompanied by the screenshot of the ‘ban ‘.

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