Selakovic: Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Vatican in Belgrade on November 22

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia, Nikola Selaković, said that the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Vatican, Paul Richard Gallagher, will visit Belgrade on November 22.

Selakovic reminded today’s Vecernje Novosti that he had recently talked with Archbishop Gallagher in the Vatican, and added that his upcoming visit was important.

“They have a principled attitude of non-recognition of Kosovo separatism as a statehood, and their support for Serbia means a lot,” Selakovic said.

Asked if the pope could come to Serbia soon, he answered that the Holy See determines the foreign policy agenda of the visit of its leader on the basis of communications with the dominant Christian communities in certain countries.

“That means that the realization of the Pope’s visit to Serbia is closely connected to the voice of the Serbian Orthodox Church,” he said, adding that he was convinced “that the two churches will communicate and talk on that issue.”

Speaking about the pressure on Serbia to recognize Kosovo, Selakovic said that anyone who thinks “that he can solve the Kosovo-Metohija problem by” turning a hand “on Serbia and forcing it to recognize the unilaterally declared independence, is grossly mistaken.”

“Nor will it solve that problem, and even less will Serbia do something like that,” he said.

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