Venezuela criticizes the “hypocritical compassion” of donor countries while they generate refugees in wars, or “let them die in the Mediterranean”


The Government of Venezuela has described this Thursday as a “media farce” and a “cartoonish convocation” the international donor conference held hours before and organized by Canada and the United Nations to help Venezuelan refugees and migrants who are in a situation of humanitarian crisis.

“Venezuelan society observes with indignation the development, on its behalf, of a new edition of the media farce called, ‘donor conference for Venezuelan migration’, without knowing the destination of the large announced funds,” the statement reads. issued by the Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza on his Twitter profile.

Said conference, the statement continues, is a “vestige of the failed policy of interference” that seeks a “coup in Venezuela” and has been promoted since 2018 by the administration of former President Donald Trump in the United States and “its most carnal satellites. “.

“Authorities from Spain, Canada, the European Union and UN agencies, under the strict script of Washington, exhibit a cynical reading of the situation of migrants of Venezuelan origin, scandalously omitting both the causes linked to the imposition of a criminal blockade through illegal sanctions, to situations of discrimination and exploitation to which Venezuelan citizens are subjected, “the statement explains.

This Thursday, the International Conference of Donors in Solidarity with Venezuelan Refugees and Migrants, organized by Canada and the United Nations, announced that they have raised 954 million dollars (800 million euros) in grants, in addition to another 600 million dollars. (503 million euros) in loans to try to tackle what is already considered the largest forced displacement in the history of the continent.

However, Caracas considers this appointment to be “a crude political propaganda operation” against Venezuela, and “also highly profitable for its organizers”, since they admit having raised up to 2,800 million dollars (2,300 million euros) in their different editions since 2018 , “of whose fate, it is necessary to reiterate, little or nothing is known.”

“The United Nations agencies specializing in immigration matters and their partners rub their hands in the expectation of having that juicy parallel budget, the result of the suffering of innocent human beings,” the Government accuses.


The Government of Venezuela has indicated that donors “display hypocritical compassion”, despite the fact that several of them “are historical senders of migrants”, “have promoted migratory phenomena through wars and destabilization”, and even “some violate daily the rights of migrants when they reach their shores, or they prefer to simply let them die adrift in the Mediterranean Sea. “

Caracas questions that none of the participants “in such a biased meeting” has made mention of the “coercive measures” that are launched against Venezuela from the European Union, the United States, or Canada, “causing the Venezuelan economic crisis”, or about ” the large funds owned by the Venezuelan people “that are blocked in the banks of these countries.

“Venezuela condemns the cynicism of this cartoonish convocation and demands that the governments and organizations that participate in such an evident farce cease their acts of political, economic and communication aggression, release the funds and lift the ignominious financial blockade that they themselves promote”, close the statement.

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