The Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office said it was too early to declare indictments in the deadly shooting incident in which Alec Baldwin accidentally killed the lodging photographer Chins on the set of the movie “Rust” last Thursday.

In the first media update since the incident that rocked Hollywood, Sheriff Aden Mendoza said that during the investigation, three pistols and 500 bullets were collected, including dummy bullets, empty bullets and live bullets, and that the deadly bullet was removed from Sousa’s letter. He said the bullets would be sent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for ballistic tests.

Mendoza, who noted that there was no photocopying of the shooting, clarified that the investigation was ongoing and that there were other people in the area who needed to be interviewed, and therefore it was too early to announce any criminal proceedings, but stressed arrests if indictments were decided. The sheriff added that “there was some complacency on the set,” in light of reports of non-compliance with safety regulations by crew members.

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