Ružić: The school year starts on September 1, classes are immediate

At the meeting of the School Team today, it was concluded that there are no obstacles for the school year in Serbia to start on September 1, as well as for the form of teaching to be immediate, with no limit on the number of students in the classes, said Minister of Education Branko Ružić.

“Given the current epidemiological situation and the fact that, with the application of appropriate measures, schools have not been the primary place of transmission of the (corona) virus until now, it was concluded that the return of students to the classrooms will not affect the increase in the number of infected people,” said Ružić in a written statement. statement.

Ružić said that outings, excursions and other trips for students and children in schools and preschool institutions are also allowed.

“Before carrying out the excursion, the schools are obliged to collect statements from the parents that the children do not have, nor had they had in the previous seven days, symptoms of infection, that they were not treated for covid-19 in the same period and that there were no cases of covid-19 among members of the immediate family, as and to provide medical supervision by a doctor during a trip longer than one day, for the purpose of timely detection of possible symptoms and signs of infection,” said Ružić.

He pointed out that sensitive persons were recommended to wear protective masks indoors, and that it was foreseen that, if during their stay at school, symptoms of illness appear in students that may indicate covid-19, the schools will inform the parents, and until their arrival , the student is placed in a special room, under the supervision of one of the school employees.

If symptoms appear during the employee’s stay at school, the employee must immediately put on a mask and leave the school to see a doctor.

Ružić also announced that the School Team will continue to discuss the epidemiological situation on a weekly basis.

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