Commander of the United States Army Combined Forces, Mark Millie, Referred during the night (Wednesday to Thursday) to the Chinese experiments on the “Hyper Sony” missile, noting that the experiment is approaching “Sputnik moment” mode, meaning that it is a moment of change in reality – as the launch of “Sputnik 1” satellite affected the space race. “I do not know if that is indeed the case now, but I think we are very close to it.”

This is, as mentioned, the first reference by a US administration official to the Chinese move, which reportedly took place in August, leaving US officials “shocked”. These remarks were made in a television interview with Bloomberg, calling the experiments a “very significant event,” which was “very disturbing.”

Earlier this month, the Financial Times reported that last August China conducted an experiment with a nuclear hypersonic missile, which managed to orbit the Earth before accelerating toward the target. It was also reported that the US intelligence services were very surprised by the missile’s performance. A few days later, the Reuters news agency reported that the United States Army and Navy were conducting an experiment in the prototype of a “Hyper Sony” missile. According to the report, the experiment included three stages and was declared successful. The report in question was released a few days after it was reported that the United States was conducting an experiment with this type of missile

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