Paris threatens to ban British fishermen from accessing ports, London condemns

France announced today that it will ban British fishing boats from accessing some French ports from next week if the two countries do not reach an agreement on fishing licenses.

Paris has also hinted that it could limit the supply of energy to the Norman Islands in the English Channel, according to the Associated Press.

Since Great Britain left the EU single market and the customs union on January 1 this year, the relations between London and Paris have been getting colder.

France strongly protested against last month’s decision by Great Britain not to grant licenses to dozens of French fishing boats for fishing in its waters.

Paris claims that these restrictions are contrary to the trade agreement between London and Brussels for the period after Brexit.

Dozens of other French boats have been licensed to fish in British waters.

Tonight, the British government condemned the retaliatory measures that France announced earlier today, stating that they were “disappointing and disproportionate”, reports Agence France-Presse.

“France’s threats are disappointing and disproportionate and not in line with what one would expect from a close ally and partner,” the government said in London.

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