58 years after the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the son of a Cuban exile who worked for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) claims that his father told him before his death that he coached Lee Harvey Oswald, but he did not believe Oswald was shooting to death In the President.

Ricardo Morales defected to the United States in 1960 after despairing of the Castro regime and arriving in Miami. “Communication and destruction, war against insurgency, covert movement, covert operations and survival.”

John F. Kennedy (Photo: Reuters)

Morales, nicknamed “Monkey”, also served in the mercenary army in the Belgian Congo, served as an informant for the CIA, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Anti-Drug Agency, worked in the anti-espionage unit in Venezuela and was alleged to have taken a counter-espionage course in Israel. His name has also been linked to a series of assassinations and explosions, including the downing of a Cuban passenger plane and he was also involved in the drug trade. In 1982, he was killed in a brawl at a bar.

His son, Ricardo Morales Jr., said in an interview with a Miami radio station that about a year before his father was killed, he took him and his brother to a shooting practice where he told them he feared for his life after revealing details about his work at the intelligence agency. Because of this, he can have both children ask him any question they want.

“My brother asked ‘Who killed John F. Kennedy?’, And his answer was ‘I did not do it, but I was in Dallas the two days before and I was waiting for instructions. We were the cleaning team in case something bad happened,'” Morales Jr. said. “After the assassination, they didn’t have to do anything and went back to Miami.”

Morales Jr. explained that his father stressed to them that he did not know about the intention to assassinate the president. “He knew Kennedy was coming to Dallas, so he imagined something was going to happen, but he did not know the plan,” he said. “In such conspiracies, no one knows what the other is doing.”

CIA (Photo: Reuters)CIA (Photo: Reuters)

Morales further said that when his father saw a picture of Oswald, who was immediately arrested on suspicion of assassinating the president, he identified him as someone who was in a training camp of the agency. “When my father was training at a CIA camp – he did not tell me where – he helped train snipers: other Cubans, from Latin America and there were also some Americans,” he said. “When he saw the picture of Oswald after the assassination, he realized it was the same one he saw in the training field. He saw it, he saw the name tag, but he did not know it because he was not famous yet, but later my father realized it was the same person.” .

According to Morales, his father did not believe Oswald was the killer because “he saw him shooting at the camp and said there was no situation that person could shoot so well.”

Although still alive, Morales has raised controversy over his credibility, especially in light of his ability to evade prison sentences, his son noted that he believes the things his father said were true because he feared for his life after revealing details about his CIA activities. Fernand Amendi, who investigated the assassination, also estimated that Morales’ words were credible because he admitted to himself that he was an assassin on behalf of the agency.

Earlier this week, President Joe Biden decided to postpone the removal of the remaining 15,000 documents related to the homicide investigation, arguing that corona restrictions hampered the required activities and due to the need to protect “from harm to military defense, intelligence operations, law enforcement or foreign relations.” The public. “

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