Several MEPs are looking for answers about Varheji’s alleged bias in favor of Serbia

Several members of the European Parliament (EP) asked the European Commission when they would investigate the reports and claims of their employees that the Commissioner for Enlargement, Oliver Varheji, influenced the softening of the tone in the progress reports of the candidate countries, especially favoring Serbia.

MEPs from three political groups in the EP asked the European Commission for an answer to the question “when will it investigate reports and claims that Varheji ignored issues related to the rule of law in neighboring countries,” according to H1 television.

The answer was requested by 12 deputies from the groups Social Democrats, Greens / European Free Alliance and Let’s Renew Europe, including Tanja Fajon, Klemen Groselj, Tineke Strik and Thomas Weitz.

MEPs are interested in how the Commission will deal “with findings based on multiple sources from the top of the European Commission and internal documents” and what measures it will take to “restore confidence and ensure the impartiality and integrity of the enlargement process”.

They are also asking the Commission for guarantees that the latest assessment of Serbia’s progress in European integration has been made on the basis of objective criteria.

“If so, how is the discrepancy between the assessment of the rule of law in the Commission’s report and the assessment of credible actors, as well as the internal correspondence of senior Commission officials, alleging that Commissioner Varheji and his cabinet exerted political influence on the report?”

On October 5, Politiko published a text accusing Varheji of forcing Serbia’s entry into the EU without meeting the criteria and to the detriment of other candidate countries, and thus allegedly not pursuing the policy of the European Commission, but “its real boss (Hungarian Prime Minister) Viktor Orbana “.

The deputies are also asking for the Commission’s response to internal documents, which, as they say, “prove that the cabinet of Commissioner Varheji requested that the dictionary on the rights of LGBTIQ + persons be removed from the documents of the European Commission.”

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