Queen Elizabeth II of Britain will remain at rest

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom will have to remain at rest for the next two weeks, due to her medical condition, the doctors at Buckingham Palace announced tonight (Friday). She will be able to perform light tasks from her desk, but not formal commitments that require her presence. In the UK there has been much criticism of the palace’s lack of transparency following the announcement a week and a half ago regarding the Queen’s condition.

The palace announced that Prince Charles would fill her place at some of the events. Britain is sharply criticized for the palace’s lack of transparency regarding the medical condition of 95-year-old Queen Elizabeth. The media also claimed that the palace had damaged public trust and pointed an accusing finger: “A failed attempt to hide the fact that the queen was in the hospital.”

In the shadow of the allegations, a senior royal aide said for his part that “the queen is entitled to privacy in medical matters. He further added that if these were serious circumstances, the public would probably have been aware of it.” It is still unclear why the queen underwent tests at the hospital and whether she will need further examination or medical treatment.

A week and a half ago the palace unusually announced that “the Queen of Great Britain has received medical advice to go to rest in the coming days and has canceled a planned visit to Northern Ireland”. They added that she is in a good mood, but did not give details about her condition.

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