“Multilateralism is the only answer to the world’s problems”

“It is wonderful to see you all here after some difficult years for the global community: we have faced protectionism, unilateralism, nationalism. The pandemic has kept us at a distance and it has done so with all our citizens. But we must not make mistakes. : multilateralism is the best answer to the problems we face today. In many ways, it is the only possible solution “. Mario Draghi opens the proceedings of the G20 and thus addresses the leaders of the largest economies in the world arrived in Rome to participate in the summit.

“From the pandemic to climate change, to fair and equitable taxation, doing all this alone is simply not an option – says the premier who invites the partners to “do everything we can to overcome our differences” and to “rekindle the spirit that led us to the creation and strengthening of this forum”.

After two years from the beginning of the pandemic “we can finally look to the future with more optimism”, is the premise of Draghi, who underlines the success of the vaccination campaign, the coordinated actions by governments and central banks that “have allowed the recovery. of the global economy “.

“Many of our countries have launched recovery plans to boost growth, reduce inequalities, promote sustainability. Together, we are building a new economic model, and the whole world will benefit“, he continues. But the guard must be kept high, warns the premier,” we must be attentive to the challenges we face collectively “.

The pandemic is not over, Draghi reiterates and there are still “dStaggering inequalities in the global distribution of vaccines“A clear disparity in numbers: in high-income countries, over 70% of the population has received at least one dose of the vaccine, while in poorer countries, this percentage drops to around 3%.

“These differences are morally unacceptable, and undermine the global recovery”, adds the premier. “We are very close to achieving the WHO goal of vaccinating 40% of the global population by the end of 2021. Now we must do everything we can to reach 70% by mid-2022 “and” we must also continue to invest in research, eliminate trade barriers affecting COVID-19 vaccines, and improve predictability in their delivery “.

Draghi reiterates his call to the world’s greats to “strengthen global supply chains, while increasing production capacity at local and regional level”.

“As Presidency of the G20, Italy has worked to promote a more equitable recovery – continues Draghi – the Global Health Summit in Rome has seen countries and companies generously commit to providing vaccines to the poorest countries: we must be sure to honor their promises” .

We have reached a historic agreement for a fairer and more effective international tax system. We oversaw the allocation of $ 650 billion as new Special Drawing Rights and promoted the ability to redistribute it to the countries that need it most. These results strongly remind us of the results we can achieve together. They must encourage us to be equally ambitious in all areas where we work together, “he concludes.

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