Professor Eitan Gilboa, an expert on the United States and international relations at Bar Ilan University, discussed this morning (Thursday) with Nissim Mash’al and Guy Peleg on 103FM at the summit meeting between US President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, and said that there is a practical chance that the latter Will moderate a little in its wake. He said, “You could say there was a breakthrough.”

Biden announces imposition of sanctions on Russia. Photo: Reuters

Gilboa noted that the reduction of tensions between the parties will be done in three stages, including practical practical cooperation, a new agreement to restrict nuclear weapons and on the basis of the understanding that Putin will not change his policy regarding human rights.

According to him, the relations between the countries knew a period of depression and therefore it would be possible to reach a “cold normalization”. He added that “no one expected a breakthrough, or a sudden display of miraculous friendship.” However, he believed that Putin might moderate cyberattacks and seek a reduction in sanctions.

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