Conte opens to Draghi, “But no to early elections”

“Draghi at the Quirinale? We cannot rule it out but it seems to me it is still early to draw conclusions, we will work to find the best candidate and Draghi falls within this description but it is clear that some conditions must be fulfilled, now it is premature to talk about it”. M5s leader Giuseppe Conte said it half an hour longer.

“If Draghi’s prospect were to be realized at the Quirinale and the conditions for Draghi were to be verified” elected president of the Republic, “we must not think that it is automatic that we go to elections”, Conte reasoned.

Even if Draghi were to be elected to the Quirinale, “there is no hurry to go and vote”, indeed for Conte it would be a mistake as “we must push to 6% of GDP, we must continue to implement the PNRR and the initial start is In all this, even thinking about electing a president and a moment later going to vote is not in the order of things “.

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