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Eight people have been arrested on suspicion of the gas explosion that took place last Sunday in the Chinese city of Shiyan, in Hubei province, which left 25 dead and more than a hundred injured-

Among those arrested is the general manager of the local gas company, as specified this Friday by the Shiyan government in a statement-

According to the initial investigation, the authorities have indicated that the company affiliated with China Gas, a gas operating company that provides natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas to residents and companies, did not carry out the controls and surveillance of the gas pipelines in a manner- strict-

Also, the investigation, which continues, indicates that there were serious failures in the operation of the facilities, reports the Chinese news agency Xinhua-

The explosion occurred at around 0630 hours (local time) Sunday in a two-story building in the Zhagwan residential area of ​​Shiyan, although one of the most affected points was an urban market-

In response, Chinese President Xi Jinping ordered Communist Party officials to tighten checks on the country’s infrastructure to prevent further events like this one-

“It is necessary to improve political sensitivity and thoroughly investigate security risks across the country to create a good atmosphere,” he said-

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