The impressive event of the Glasgow Scottish Event Campus, which has been a center of activity and exhibition of climate activists for two weeks, officially opened yesterday, the 26th UN Climate Conference, which will run until November 12. During the conference, representatives from about 200 countries will try. And Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, to find ways to combat the climate crisis, to try to implement the decisions of the Paris Conference, most of which were not fulfilled, and to save the planet from fatal warming.

Bennett will deliver his speech to the plenum today. He is scheduled to meet on the sidelines of the conference with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, French President Emmanuel Macron, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi and Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez. Only the heads of the conference itself attended the opening events yesterday, with Chile passing the torch to Britain and Italy. British Alec Sharma Axis was officially elected president of the conference. Young Swedish activist Greta Tonbury also arrived in Glasgow by train and managed to lead two demonstrations, but said it was unclear whether she would speak at the conference itself.

Long queues of participants, 30,000 in total, drag on at the tag booths, with each participant presenting a Corona self-test certificate daily. The Scots look and sound pleased to be at the center of global interest. In nearby Edinburgh where Prime Minister Bennett will be staying, activists for Scottish independence have demonstrated.

Today and tomorrow, the leaders of the countries that will attend the conference will deliver their speeches, when those who will not stand out, such as Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping – the main polluter of the earth. Even Pope Francis, who will not come, called on the leaders who will attend the UN Climate Change Conference to hear the cries of the earth and the cries of the poor.

The leaders of the group of 20 industrialized nations, responsible for 80 percent of the world’s pollution, gathered in Rome over the weekend to make decisions on combating the climate crisis. These committed to a significant and effective fight so as not to deviate from warming of more than 1.5 degrees Celsius and promised actions for another year. Leaders have called for updating and promoting in the current decade the targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions as well as helping technologically developing countries so that they will soon stop using energy production from coal.

The leaders also made a historic decision – to stop public funding of coal – fired power plants in countries all over the world this year. However, no deadline has been set for an end to those countries’ local use of coal energy. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson stressed that many countries had not met their financial obligations to poor countries and warned: “Glasgow must not fail. We must implement our promises.”

In addition, conference attendees in Rome pledged $ 100 billion in “climate funding” a year. French President Emmanuel Macron said the conference had promoted consensus towards Glasgow and that the situation today is better than it was four years ago, when the US withdrew from the climate agreement.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken spoke about China’s fortification of the climate summit. “This is the moment for China, as a significant force, to decide whether it is acting for its citizens and for the world. Beijing will have to decide whether it takes responsibility and shows leadership.”

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