The Vice President of the People’s Party, Zdravko Ponos, stated in Belgrade that the revanchism based on the law and legal norms that the party stands for is nothing compared to what the government is doing to the People’s Party, which does not give up and constantly shows that it is ready for anything. , the party announced today.

“In the previous days, the regime launched a campaign of lies against the People’s Party and its president Vuk Jeremic, in which we are connected with Zoran Vuckovic, who was arrested on suspicion of damaging the Resavica mine. the scheme, through the company ‘Millennium Team’, sucks money out of the budget and they responded with a campaign against the People’s Party, “Ponos said.

He said at the election assembly of the Municipal Board of the People’s Party Vozdovac that everything that appeared about the alleged connection between Vuckovic and Jeremic and the People’s Party is not true, and added that Vuckovic was a member of the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) and that “it is clear that the director it could only be someone who is a member of the regime opposition. “

Ponos said that the tabloids and the government.controlled media would lose disputes over the lawsuits that the People’s Party would file against them, but that after the fines paid, they would continue to lie, estimating that they would consider publishing obvious lies if the fines were appropriate. the profits they make thanks to such announcements.

Speaking about the next elections, Ponos said that the opponent should not be underestimated, because the fact that the elite of the SNS and the government are people who are “not very educated or burdened with morals and ethics” does not make them an easier opponent, but a harder one.

The vice president of the People’s Party said that the party guarantees that “stolen pensions” will be returned to pensioners after the change of government, because the People’s Party keeps its word and has a detailed plan on how to implement it.

Ponos, who is also the People’s Party’s commissioner for Belgrade, said that the opposition has the best chance of winning in the capital, and added that the People’s Party will continue to cooperate with other opposition parties.

“Until now, we have not given anyone a reason to be unfair to us, but we have refrained and we should continue to be the center of gathering of the real opposition,” Ponos said.

The President of the Legal Council of the People’s Party, Vladimir Gajic, said that the party “promised” the SNS, the Socialist Party of Serbia and the Serbian Radical Party that they would be banned from working after the change of government, so that those people who destroyed Serbia they never return to power.

Gajic stated that the SNS “seems much stronger than its real strength at first glance” and that it is possible to defeat the party of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, but that it requires a lot of hard and serious work.

Professor of philosophy Boško Šindić was elected president of the Municipal Board of the People’s Party Voždovac, it is stated in the announcement.

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