Suspicion of terrorism In Kabul: Authorities in the country said today (Tuesday) that 19 people had been killed and 43 injured in two explosions and shootings that occurred at the Sardar Daoud military hospital in the capital Kabul.

Bilal Krimi, the Taliban’s deputy spokesman for the Islamic State, said that “at least two explosions took place at the entrance to the hospital, which has 400 beds, in the tenth district of the city.” Various eyewitnesses testified that the explosions were caused as a result of infernal cars.

Recall, in early October, a suicide bomber infiltrated the synagogue and blew himself up during Friday prayers. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the mosque, which was the target of the terrorist attack, and serves the country’s Shiite Muslim community, which makes up only about 19 percent of Afghanistan’s population, some of whom belong to the Zara, an ethnic group that has been persecuted for decades.

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