Salvini defends Bolsonaro at the ceremony in honor of the fallen in Pistoia

The Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro participated in Pistoia in the ceremony in honor of the Votive Monument of the Brazilian Fallen of the Second World War. Before him, the Northern League secretary Matteo Salvini had arrived, who said he had been invited by the Brazilian embassy. Some supporters wrapped in the Brazilian flag, kept away from the ceremony, enthusiastically greeted the president’s arrival. In the city of Pistoia, on the other hand, some protests against the presence of the Brazilian president are scheduled.

The sympathizers of the Brazilian president they sang the hymn and shouted “number one”, in Portuguese, on the arrival of Bolsonaro. Most of them wore no masks – even though all were outdoors – and some criticized an Italian journalist who, live, reported on Bolsonaro’s controversial handling of the pandemic.

Bolsonaro: “We are brotherly peoples”

“It is an honor for me to be here for the first time, in this shrine, to honor all the people who have fought for freedom. This is also the land of my ancestors. Today one third of the Brazilian population has Italian origins. In 1943, duty called them: about 25 thousand Brazilian soldiers came here to Italy ”. With these words, President Bolsonaro spoke at the commemoration ceremony for the Brazilian Fallen of the Second World War.

“The population of Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany – he explained – does us honor not to forget. Although the Atlantic Ocean separates us, we are brothers. Of those young people who went here, unfortunately few are still alive but for us they are the flame of freedom. To all of you Italians I want to say that I am proud and satisfied to be here and having you by my side, yesterday and today and always Brazil and Italy will be forever united “.

After the commemoration Bolsonaro did a short walk to greet the small crowd of supporters who awaited him outside the votive monument. The Brazilian president shook hands and greeted supporters then got back in the car and drove away from the Tuscan town.

Salvini’s defense of the Brazilian president

Matteo Salvini defines the controversies against Jair Bolsonaro as “incredible” “even on the day of the commemoration of the Fallen.” “It is surreal that someone manages to make a controversy over a commemoration. I apologize for some incredible controversy, as an Italian citizen ”, added the Northern League secretary, arriving at the Votive Monument for the Brazilian Fallen, to participate in the commemoration with Bolsonaro.

“I believe political controversy is always possible but the controversy for a person who was received by Mattarella is embarrassing and by Draghi. I apologize to the Brazilian people, whose relatives have left their lives to fight Nazis and fascists, ”he continued.

“Today all the fallen are remembered, there are no serious A and B falls. I would have liked everyone to have united in the memory. A bad page”, Salvini reiterated.

“If we had had to wait for the left, the terrorists would still be free. I will thank Bolsonaro ”for the Battisti case, he concluded.

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