Taliban sources reported today (Tuesday) that one of the organization’s most senior commanders, who was among the first to enter the presidential palace with the fall of Kabul last August, was killed in a terrorist attack that took place today at a military hospital. According to the official version, seven people were killed in the attack, which was allegedly carried out by the Islamic State-Khursan province organization, but unofficial reports spoke of at least 23 dead.

Afghan media quoted Islamic Movement sources as saying that Hamdallah Halutz, a Taliban commander in Kabul who was documented sitting at a table in the presidential palace in Kabul on August 15, was among those killed in this morning’s attack. However, no official statement from the Taliban has been released yet.

The attack began this morning when one suicide bomber exploded at the entrance to the Seder Daud Khan military hospital and another terrorist exploded near the compound. Eyewitnesses said more gunmen entered the hospital, which has about 400 beds and is being treated by Taliban fighters and soldiers from the previous regime.

However, Taliban spokesman Zabih-Allah Mujahid denied that the terrorists had infiltrated the building and claimed that forces of the organization had managed to eliminate four terrorists in the yard and at the entrance in just 15 minutes. Although the reports spoke of at least 23 dead and 50 wounded, the official announcement included only seven dead, including two women, a boy and two Taliban fighters, in addition to two wounded.

Mujahid has blamed the Islamic State-Khursan branch, which has been responsible for severe attacks in the country in recent weeks, including two suicide bombings against Shiite mosques in Friday prayers that left dozens dead. “ISIS militants wanted to harm civilians, doctors and patients at the hospital, but they were thrown out by Islamic State security forces before they could reach their destination,” the spokesman added.

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