Police found the mutilated bodies of 11 men in the western Mexican state of Michoacan, where several drug cartels are waging bloody battles.

The state prosecutor announced late last night that the bodies were found near the city of Tarequato, in the northern part of Michoacan, near the border with the state of Jalisco.

The prosecutor said that the murders happened late last night and that the investigators found a truck and three motorcycles on the spot, but they did not immediately identify the victims.

The state of Jalisco is home to the eponymous drug cartel, which is trying to expand its territory in Michoacán. Local gangs in Michoacan have been fighting the intrusion of that cartel for years.

Tarequato is located not far from the Michoacan region known for growing avocados, and not far from the city of La Barca, where secret mass graves were found.

Avocado production is a lucrative business in Mexico, so drug cartels have joined it. They have taken jobs and spread fear throughout the Michoacan region.

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