The Prime Minister of Sudan insists on his “conditions” on the return to constitutional order to return to office

Hamdok’s office stresses that the detainees must be released in view of “any dialogue” with the Army

The office of the Prime Minister of Sudan, Abdullah Hamdok, has stressed that he adheres to the “conditions” imposed on the release of detainees and the return to constitutional order in the face of “any dialogue” with the Army, amid reports in means of a possible agreement for his return to office.

Thus, it has highlighted in a statement that “the prime minister, Abdalá Hamdok, who is under house arrest by order of the coup authorities, adheres to the conditions of the release of all detainees and the restoration of constitutional institutions prior to the 25 October before any dialogue. ”

Hamdok’s office has asked “all the media” to “be careful when publishing information about the prime minister, who is being detained at his residence and cannot forcibly communicate with his people and his political base. “.

The statement has been published through the page of the Sudanese Ministry of Information on the social network Twitter after the Al Arabiya television network reported that Hamdok had agreed with the coup leader, Abdelfatá al Burhan, to return to his position.

According to this information, the prime minister has agreed to return to head the government, although he has clarified that the conditions for this are still being negotiated. Sources quoted by this means have highlighted that the negotiations are still underway and have added that for now they are “positive.”

Al Burhan led a coup on 25 October after weeks of tensions between the civilian and military elements of the transitional authorities established in 2019 after the overthrow of Omar Hasan al Bashir, a measure that has been condemned internationally and that has triggered massive demonstrations. , repressed by force and leaving several dead.

The coup leader affirmed on Friday that Hamdok is “the first candidate” to head the new Executive, which could be announced this week. However, his Government continues to claim that it is the legitimate authority and has rejected any contact with the military.

Sudan was the scene in mid-September of an attempted coup, according to the transition authorities, by a group of Armed Forces officers allegedly linked to former president Omar Hasan al Bashir, who was overthrown in 2019 in a coup after months of massive demonstrations against him.

The transitional authorities were established after an agreement between the previous military junta, which emerged after the 2019 coup, and various civil organizations and opposition political formations. This Government has initiated a battery of social and economic reforms and has reached a peace agreement with important rebel groups in Darfur and other areas of the country.

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