Police were called last night to the Uppsala Concert and Conference Hall, where about a thousand people were present ahead of a tribute concert to the Abba band. According to police, about half an hour before the show began, a man in his eighties fell from the seventh floor of the hall and hit two people. The person who fell was killed on the spot and the hospital also determined the death of one of the wounded, in his sixties. The other wounded man is not in danger of death.

The scene of the incident in Sweden (Photo: Christine Olsson / TT News Agency / via REUTERS)

Police spokesman Johan Telberg told reporters today that investigators “have a good picture of what happened.” “It was not an accident that caused a person to fall,” he said. “Nor is there any sign that the person wanted to harm others.” However, he did not elaborate on the possible reasons for the fall.

The band Abba is expected to release this Friday the first album in more than 40 years in preparation for the hologram tour. A statement from the band said today that “in light of the tragic news from the tribute concert, we have decided to delay the release of the trailer for our concert until tomorrow”.

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