Russian oppositionist and former MP Dmitry Gudkov said today that he left Russia for Ukraine because he learned that he would be arrested on false accusations-

“I am approaching Kiev- Several sources close to the president’s administration (Vladimir Putin) told me that the false criminal trial against me will continue until my arrest if I do not leave the country,” Gudkov wrote on Facebook and confirmed to Agence France-Presse that the announcement was authentic-

Gudkov, 41, was arrested in Moscow on June 1, due to an alleged rent debt from several years ago- He was released two days later, without indictment-

On June 3, Russian authorities opened a criminal case against his father Gennady Gudkov, a former MP and critic of the Kremlin who lives in Bulgaria, for ammunition allegedly found in his apartment in Russia, Radio Free Europe reports, according to local media-

Gudkov’s supporters claim that the process against him is a form of revenge because he announced his participation in the parliamentary elections in September-

Along with Gudkov, the Russian authorities arrested another well-known oppositionist, Andrei Pivovarov, this week, who was pulled out of the plane before taking off for Poland, according to AFP-

Pivovarov, the former director of the organization Open Russia, is still in prison, since he was ordered to be detained for two months-

Open Russia, founded by oligarch and Kremlin critic Mikhail Khodorkovsky, announced at the end of May that it would stop working in Russia due to the possible persecution of its members-

The ruling United Russia party is recording a drop in popularity in the polls ahead of the September 19 elections, due to economic stagnation and corruption scandals, although President Vladimir Putin is still extremely popular, according to AFP-

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