The United Nations General Assembly confirmed this Friday António Guterres for a second term as UN Secretary General.

Through a resolution adopted by the plenary assembly, it has been confirmed that Guterres will hold the position for another five years, starting on January 1, 2022, as confirmed by the organization itself through its account on the social network Twitter. .

The mandate of Guterres, the ninth leader of the organization, will end at the end of 2021 and as usual among the secretaries general of the UN, he will serve two terms at the helm.

Guterres had already achieved the support of the Security Council, one of the crucial steps in the process of selecting the highest representative of the UN, something that he described as a “great honor”, after highlighting that it has been “an immense privilege to serve of ‘we the peoples’ and leading the amazing women and men of this organization over the past four and a half years, “in which they have faced” so many complex challenges. “

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