Americans under pressure? A new report from the Pentagon stated today (Thursday) that by 2030, China will carry at least 1,000 nuclear-powered hypersun missiles. In October, it was reported that the US intelligence services were surprised by the missile’s performance, which China had already tried in August.

Sources familiar with the matter said that although the missile missed its target by about 20 miles, it is still evidence that China has advanced significantly in its capabilities, far beyond the American estimate. “We have no idea how they did it,” one source said.

The commander of the United States Army’s combined forces, Mark Millie, last week referred to the Chinese experiments on the Hyper-Sony missile, noting that the experiment is approaching “Sputnik moment” mode, meaning that it is a moment of change – as the launch of “Sputnik 1” satellite affected The space race. “I do not know if that is indeed the case now, but I think we are very close to it.”

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