Serbian Radical Party (SRS) Deputy President Aleksandar Seselj assessed today that the atmosphere in the inter-party dialogue without the mediation of foreigners was “correct”, but added that he did not believe that the government would fulfill a possible agreement with the opposition on improving election conditions.

He said that at today’s meeting of the Working Group for Dialogue, general issues in the election procedure were discussed.

“The Serbian Radical Party has advocated against reducing the required number of signatures for candidacy because 10,000 signatures is quite a sufficient number and the right measure. We also pointed out that the biggest problem is that the ruling party collects signatures from other parties, and that should be a crime.” the electoral will of the citizens, “Aleksandar Seselj told reporters in parliament.

Asked if he trusted the government to fulfill a possible agreement with the opposition regarding the election conditions, he said that the opposition representatives showed “good will” in those talks, but added that he did not trust the government to fulfill what was agreed.

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