German security services believe a man found dead on a street outside the Russian embassy in Berlin last month was a diplomat who acted as an agent for the Russian intelligence service FSB, the Der Spiegel newspaper reported today (Friday).

The body of the 35-year-old man was reportedly found on October 19. The report relied on security sources who said the man had fallen to the top spot at the embassy.

Berlin police declined to comment and directed all questions to public prosecutors, who were not available for comment. The discovery of her body outside the Russian diplomatic mission has not been reported in the past.

Security sources told Der Spiegel that it was not clear how the diplomat fell and what caused his death. According to the report, the Russian embassy did not agree to the autopsy.

“Der Spiegel” quoted the Russian embassy as saying that the incident was a “tragic accident” to which it would not respond “for ethical reasons”. A German Foreign Ministry spokesman said in a news briefing that the German government was aware of the death of the Russian diplomat in Berlin, but could not provide details.

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