Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti accused Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic of behaving like Germany between the two world wars and warned that recent crises in Kosovo and BiH could escalate if Western governments do not take the Serbian leader seriously.

Kurti told the British Telegraph that the Serbian government is threatening to start a new war in the Balkans in an attempt to extract concessions from the West.

“I think (the situation) is more dangerous than before. They (Serbia) want to act like Germany between the two world wars: ‘if you don’t listen to our demands, we will provoke another (war)’. Because, one round (of the war) were challenged in the 1990s, ”Kurti said.

Kurti asked why Serbia buys so many weapons, stating that “military expenditures in Serbia have been growing rapidly in recent years.”

“I say this very calmly because I predicted it several years ago. It is a rational analysis, not an emotional one,” Kurti added.

Serbia’s defense budget has increased by about 70 percent since 2015, to about 1.5 billion dollars a year, which makes it the country that spends the most on the army in the Western Balkans, according to the Telegraph.

The paper adds that in that period, Serbia significantly modernized its aviation and bought unmanned aerial vehicles, planes and air defense systems from Russia and China.

Vucic denies preparing for war and defends his country’s right to buy weapons wherever he wants, the paper said, but added that Serbia’s neighbors claimed that the strengthening of its army was accompanied by “a policy of confrontation and belligerent political rhetoric about the unification of the Serbian world.” wars in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo in the 1990s “.

Not all foreigners are convinced that Vucic is on a war journey, according to the Telegraph, adding that the conflict would have a bad effect on Serbia’s ambitions to become an EU member, and that it could mean a conflict with NATO, which has 3,800 soldiers in Kosovo.

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