American rapper Travis Scott, expressed his grief tonight (Saturday) in the face of the tragedy that occurred during his appearance at the Astro-World Festival held in Houston, Texas. “I was shocked at the events of the night. I am praying for the families of the victims,” ​​the rapper tweeted on his Twitter account.

Rescue crews in disaster at the Asterworld Festival, Texas (Photo: Reuters)

The rapper announced that he would fully support the families of the victims and added: “I am committed to helping the community in Houston, healing and supporting families.” According to videos uploaded to the networks from the incident, Scott was seen looking from the stage in bewilderment at what was happening, when the rescue forces arrived at the scene.

As you may recall, at least eight people were crushed to death due to the overcrowding at the festival bearing the rapper’s album name, and more than 300 injured were evacuated for hospital treatment. This, out of at least 50,000 people who visited the place.

The head of the fire department in charge of the incident said in an interview with CBS that “the audience started to put pressure on the main stage area. It caused panic, people started falling and losing consciousness. It created panic.”

Witnesses from the scene of the incident described the beginning of the drama with Scott taking the stage, which led to a crowd of crowds, while screams of terror were heard. “The crowd was crowded, I felt like I couldn’t breathe,” 22-year-old Emily Mongia told CNN. “I started screaming for help, I felt scared, like I was going to die. I witnessed people who lost consciousness, fell, bled.”

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