She managed to persuade thirteen Republicans to vote on the Infrastructure plan, neutralizing the opposition of the radical Democrats never like yesterday in harmony with the leader of the conservatives in the House, Kevin McCarthy.

Now the American media are celebrating the Speaker’s political achievement Nancy D’Alessandro Pelosi, 81, from Baltimore, Maryland, ‘Ciclone Nancy‘, the only woman in history to lead the Chamber, the true leader of the party who has scored perhaps the last great result of an unrepeatable career that has probably come to an end.

The agreement, with the approval of 1750 billion Infrastructure plan, brings oxygen back to a US president in big trouble and declining in all polls. The bill, which had already received the green light from the Senate, passed with 228 votes in favor and 206 against.

Thirteen Republicans joined the Democrats. Six liberals voted against. The law will now be brought to Biden’s table for signature.

Eighty-seven days after the start of a tense, confused, uncertain negotiation with a Democratic party on the verge of a nervous breakdown, marked by two unusual visits by Biden to Capitol Hill and dozens of meetings at the White House to persuade representatives of Congress to reach an agreement, this is the first result that the president manages to obtain.

But the winner is, in reality, a winner: Pelosi, the Democrat since childhood, the one who refused to take a toy in the shape of an elephant, a symbol of the Republicans, which a pollster had thought of giving her. A woman struggling with five children and five grandchildren, Pelosi is used to standing up to more than one at the same time and that’s what she has done with progressives.

Many come out beaten, starting with the Republican McCarthy – unable to keep his party together just at the moment of the possible knockout blow – to move on to the six Democrats who voted against.

Those of “The squad”, “the team”: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Cori Bush, Rashida Tlaib e Jamaal Bowman. At the end of a hectic day, some party members had tried yet another postponement, asking a Pelosi to wait for the calculation of the final impact on public accounts.

The Speaker said no, deciding to go and see the cards. Shortly after midnight, the House approved the procedures for carrying out the vote. That was the signal that we had reached the last mile.

Ciclone Nancy, famous for her ability to control votes in the House, had predicted that she would not take the plan to the final judgment of Congress without the certainty of winning it. “You don’t want to embarrass the White House?” He hissed to his men.

When, shortly before the final vote, a reporter asked her point blank: “Do you have the 218 votes to approve it?”, She turned to him with a smile. “We’ll see. We should not? As a speaker I cannot report the numbers. I won’t tell anyone, not even you friends, but I have good feelings ”.

Even with such a claim, there was no certainty. The radicals led by Ocasio-Cortez had said for weeks that they would not have voted the green light, if the Senate had not first arrived on the welfare and climate plan.

The centrist senators of the party, Joe Manchin e Kyrsten Sinema, had vetoed, sending the ball back to Camera. The situation had seemed dramatic and with no way out.

When Pelosi announced the move to the final vote, a sense of bewilderment spread among the Democrats. As in a grueling hand of poker, with the entire pot at stake, everyone thought about the classic two hypotheses of the players: either Nancy had the right cards, or it was a gamble.

Many liberals have been seen meeting in rooms, behind closed doors, on the first floor of the Congress building. Biden, according to ABC News, he called directly one of the representatives who threatened to blow everything up, Pramila Jayapal.

Witnesses saw him running down the aisle to answer the president’s call. Biden would tell her about twenty Democrats ready to vote against. Jayapal was seen returning to her office shortly thereafter. Nearby was Pelosi, in a meeting with his people. How mediation went is history.

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