$ 100 per student: In the US, young people “bribe” to get vaccinated

Many cities and states across the United States offer different and creative solutions to raise the immunization rate among teens • The mayor of New York offered $ 100 to every student who gets vaccinated at school: “We want to make sure families are safe during the holidays” About 85%

The US vaccination campaign continues all the time, especially after the recent approval of theFDA For the vaccination of children aged 5 to 11. In the shadow of the fear of many Americans to vaccinate themselves and especially to vaccinate their children, more and more recent initiatives by cities and countries have been aimed at “seducing” as many people as possible – sometimes even for cash.

In South Carolina, for example, high school students were promised $ 100 in cash if they agreed to be vaccinated. In Phoenix, Arizona, school principals give students who are vaccinated $ 100 worth of shopping vouchers. In Los Angeles, a lottery is held among students who agree to be vaccinated on purchase tokens and even on end-of-year prom tickets.

“The students at our school meet their families every day in many, varied homes and go to stores, churches, and parks,” says Ched Gatson, principal of a school in Phoenix, in an interview with American Time. There is no way we can prevent them from living in isolation from their natural environment. “His district authorities offer $ 100 worth of shopping vouchers for students who will be vaccinated – and the immunization rate among students and education staff already stands at more than 85%.

New York City Mayor Bill de Bellasio recently announced that vaccinated children ages 5 to 11 will receive $ 100 at the vaccination complexes in their schools. “We really want children to take this opportunity and that in fact all families will take it,” de Bellasio said. “Everyone needs some more money during the holidays, but we mostly want the kids to be able to hang out with their families and be safe.”

The second-largest school in California, Los Angeles, has given its students a deadline stating they must be vaccinated by Jan. 10. Anyone who does not meet the deadline will not be able to continue to come to school. Representatives of parents and schools have recently had many telephone conversations with students and their parents in order to make sure that everyone is vaccinated.

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