The photographs that prove: the young woman from Sa Amini was beaten to death in Iran
The storm continues in Iran surrounding the death of the young student from Sa Amini this weekend – after she suffered severe violence from the Iranian modesty police. The police in Iran this morning (Monday) are trying to minimize damages and reduce the degree of their responsibility in the young woman’s death, but the opposition channel Iran International reveals the photographs of her skull and chest from the hospital – which show that she suffered very serious injuries that apparently led to her death.The semi-official Iranian news agency Fars today quoted a senior Iranian police official as saying that Amini’s death was a “regrettable mistake” that they hope will not happen again. The official police version continues to claim that Amini was experiencing medical distress and passed out while waiting with another woman who was arrested. Amini’s father rejects the police version and firmly claims that she was healthy and without any health problems.


“The incident is particularly unfortunate for us, and we hope that we will never witness similar incidents like this,” Hossein Rahimi, a senior commander in the Tehran Police, told Fars. He denied that Amini was attacked during her arrest, and rejected all the claims that have been circulating in recent days, especially on social media in Iran, that the modesty police tried to enforce the strict hijab laws on her with great violence.


“The police receive cowardly accusations. We will wait for the day of judgment (to settle accounts with the accusers, AR), but until then we cannot stop doing the security work,” Rahimi said, adding that the modesty police did “positive work.” He clarified that he is not can relate to the circumstances of her death since these are medical issues and not police issues.

The Iran International channel, the Iranian opposition channel broadcasting from London, revealed today x-rays claiming that they were of Amini, from the days he was in the hospital after the attack. The various photographs show bruises and severe fractures in the skull, along with severe bruises in the bones of the chest.

These photographs may strongly negate the claims of the Iranian police that Amini died due to an unexpected medical complication, and not due to severe police violence used against her. At this point, the exposure of the footage has not received confirmation from another source.

In the meantime, the severe protests continue throughout Iran against Amini’s death, and yesterday many documents of women removing their head coverings, setting them on fire and even cutting their hair were circulated on social media. Over the past few days, many videos and photos of large protest events have been published throughout Iran in general, and in the Kurdistan region, where Amini came from, in particular.

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