Against Chinese cruise missiles on an island in the Pacific Ocean: US conducts Iron Dome test

The Wall Street Journal reported that on the island of Guam, the U.S. military is conducting tests in the Israeli defense system, as part of a defense test against Chinese cruise missiles. “This is a temporary solution. The Iron Dome will not be effective against high-speed cruise missiles,” said an expert

The United States is preparing for a Chinese attack – with the help of Israeli weapons: The Americans conducted an iron dome experiment on the small island of Guam in the Pacific Ocean, in defense of Chinese cruise missiles. This was reported today (Tuesday) in the Wall Street Journal. Guam is the closest US military base to China – 2,800 km away.

Last August, Beijing conducted an ultrasonic missile test that could also hit Guam, US territory. The Asian power also has a fleet of bombers capable of launching cruise missiles on the waterline that can evade radars – and reach Guam. This is where Iron Dome comes into play. Two years ago, the Americans purchased two full batteries of the air defense system for $ 373 million.

According to the report, one battery of the Israeli system was installed in Guam last month, and the US military is expected to conduct experiments by December aimed at testing its operation and integration with other air defense systems.

Iron Dome has shown the ability to intercept cruise missiles that move at the speed of sound, like CJ-20 missiles that the Pentagon said could threaten Guam if launched from Chinese bombers. Last August, the U.S. military destroyed eight targets that resembled cruise missiles in an Iron Dome experiment in New Mexico.

But cruise missiles are a much harder target for tracking rockets because they move in a flat, direct trajectory – and often at a much higher speed. “Iron Dome is actually a temporary solution, it will not be effective against very fast cruise missiles,” Tom Carco, director of a research institute in Washington, told the Wall Street Journal.

About 190,000 people live in Guam, an island about 540 square kilometers in size. The island’s economy is based primarily on tourism and the U.S. military. Nearly 30 percent of the island’s territory is covered by U.S. military bases, home to some 7,000 U.S. crew members.

Yesterday, an American satellite company released images from a desert in Xinjiang province in northwest China, showing that the Chinese military has built models of an American aircraft carrier and of US military battleships, possibly as training targets.

The documentation shows a model of an American aircraft carrier and models of at least two destroyers armed with guided missiles. The models, which were placed on railroad tracks, were built while tensions over Chinese claims over the South China Sea and Taiwan are still high, in part following U.S. President Joe Biden’s remarks that the United States would help Taiwan defend its borders in the event of an attack by Beijing. They did not like Biden’s remarks – calling them “wrong messages” to the separatist forces that support Taiwan’s independence.

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