69 / 5000 Translation results MK Abbas meets with the King of Jordan informs Bennett: “Praise the preservation of the status quo in Jerusalem”

The chairman of Ra’am was officially invited by King Abdullah to visit the palace in Amman. He initially debated whether to travel, but finally – and with the Prime Minister’s knowledge – met with the King today. The Jordanians posted a picture of the meeting – in contrast to previous meetings with senior government officials. Netanyahu hurried to attack: “Bennett continues to sell Israel’s liquidation”

With the knowledge of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, Prime Minister Mansour Abbas met today (Tuesday) with King Jordan of Abdullah. Political sources in the government said that Abbas received an official invitation from the king a month ago to visit the palace in Amman and initially debated whether to travel, but eventually decided to hold the visit. The Jordanian news agency published a photo from the meeting at the palace – in contrast to meetings with senior members of the Bennett-Lapid government that were not documented.

The Jordanian Royal Bureau has officially announced that King Abdullah is meeting with Abbas at his palace. During the meeting, the two discussed recent developments in the territories and ways to advance the peace process. At the meeting, the King emphasized his position that supports the Palestinians in their efforts to achieve just and legitimate rights.

In addition, the Jordanian King stressed to MK Abbas the need to establish a just and comprehensive peace based on a two-state solution, which would ensure the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem. The official statement stated that MK Abbas The kingdom to maintain the status quo in Jerusalem. In addition, a statement from the Royal Bureau said that Abbas thanked the King of Jordan for her assistance to Palestinian citizens of Israel, especially in the areas of education and pilgrimage to Mecca.

The dilemmas of MK Abbas
A few weeks ago, the King’s office asked MK Abbas to arrange a meeting between them. According to sources involved in the details, the deliberation was due to tensions between the Islamic Movement and the Hashemite Kingdom and the impact of the meeting on the internal dynamics of Abbas’ party. The chairman of RAAM was also debating whether to include some members of his faction in the meeting. Finally, MK Abbas decided to go to a meeting in Amman and keep a low profile in everything related to it.

Sources in Israel stated that this is not a political mission. According to them, the trip was for a meeting without messages or issues for promotion on behalf of the State of Israel, since this is not an official diplomatic entity.

Opposition leader MK Benjamin Netanyahu said in response to the meeting: “Bennett continues to sell Israel’s assassination. Acting Prime Minister Mansour Abbas met with the King of Jordan today. According to Jordan’s official statement: “His side with the Palestinian brothers in their efforts to achieve their rights.”

In recent months, King Abdullah has hosted a number of senior Israeli officials, after a long period of disengagement from the previous government led by Benjamin Netanyahu. About two months ago, Abdullah secretly met with President Yitzhak Herzog. The president arrived in Amman in an Air Force helicopter, and the meeting was defined as “hot.”

At the end of June, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett met with the Jordanian king in the capital, Amman. At the meeting, the leaders discussed, among other things, the issue of water that Israel supplies to the kingdom. Following this, Bennett decided that Israel would sell another 50 million cubic meters of water from the Sea of ​​Galilee to Jordan this year. It was Bennett’s first political meeting with a foreign leader after his government was sworn in, and the Israeli prime minister’s first meeting with the King of Jordan after about three years.

The next day, King Abdullah also met with Defense Minister Bnei Gantz. The two also met in February, during the previous government.

In July, King Abdullah referred to the new government formed in Israel and said in an interview with CNN: “We must understand that this government will not be the most suitable solution to the two-state solution, which I think is the only solution (to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict). We always look half full.”

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