Sonar footage of “Monster”: Is that Nessi’s relative from America?

New sonar footage of “Sea Monster” surfaced |

Is Nessie’s relative from America swimming here?

There could be a sensation behind that flickering on the sonar screen!

Vermont – US researchers are certain: the photo shows a legendary sea monster that has been circling in the deep blue waters of Lake Champlain (USA) for centuries.

Even the natives reported about the mysterious creature, calling it Tatoskok or Chaousarou. Today, the sea snake is called Champ (engl. winner) and is pursued by recreational researchers. The science platform reported Frontier science-up-to-date”. Parascientists speak of 300 sightings – but there is no clear evidence of their existence.

But that could change soon! During a Sept. 10 expedition, monster researcher Katy Elizabeth observed a sonar signal said to show a creature about twenty feet tall. Is Modern Technology Ending Champ’s Hidden Existence? In fact, the fast, snaking movements of the (as yet) unknown creature do not resemble any of the movement patterns of native species.

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