German police union warns of rising violence

Germany’s police union has raised concerns about an increase in violence at soccer matches, urging clubs to take tougher measures against misbehaving fans.

“There may be deaths if there is no change soon,” Michael Mertens, vice-chairman of the German police union council, told the newspaper “Kolner Stadt Insteiger” on Thursday.

Mertens explained that violence is increasing, but clubs do not react accordingly, noting that this trend began last season when fans were allowed to attend matches again after the end of restrictions related to the Corona pandemic.

The last incident occurred last week in France, when Cologne fans caused riots during the match against Nice in the European Conference, and Eintracht Frankfurt fans misbehaved during the match against Olympique Marseille in the Champions League.

Mertens stressed that the clubs should impose a life-long ban on entering stadiums against rioting fans, noting, “It should be in the interests of the clubs that football remains a family event.”

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