A dog attacked children in Vrapč: ‘It bit them in front of the school, mom took them to the emergency room…’

The Zagreb police confirmed the incident in Gornji Vrapč on Friday morning. As the readers told us, the dog attacked the children in front of the elementary school, and the first grader who was bitten on the body was the worst.

– It’s not the first time he attacks people. The owner has been warned several times, but he does not react – the reader told us and added that the dog also attacked the girl. The police confirmed to us that they received a report about the attack and are determining all the circumstances.

We also received a confirmation from the principal of the elementary school, who told us that everything was outside the school yard and that they cooperated with the police.

Witness: Horror, the little boy was lying bleeding

According to readers, this is not the first attack by this dog, and the owner has been warned several times.

In the Facebook group ‘Why I love Sparrows’, you can find warning posts about the same dog wandering around Vrapče without a chain or muzzle.

We spoke to the witness of the attack.

– I went to leave my child and came maybe a few seconds after the attack. There were a bunch of people, a mother and a boy were lying in front of the bakery in the middle of the road, he was covered in blood. They entered the bakery and immediately helped the boy, his leg was quite bloody and he held his chest and said that his chest hurt. I saw that the right side of his shirt was torn, there was a girl next to them. I heard in the bakery that she was also attacked by a dog, but in that shock I didn’t see her condition. I got in the car and went to see where the dog was, it was heading home from school I guess, it was still standing on the road. I called the police and immediately told them everything, he could have attacked someone else… – the father told us.

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