Al-Arabiya network reported yesterday (Tuesday) that Syrian President Bashar Assad is behind the ouster of the country’s Iranian forces commander, Juad Ghafari. It was further reported that officials at the presidential palace in the country were not happy with Ghafari’s actions as the representative of the forces in Syria, and now saw it as a “violation of Syrian sovereignty”. Among other things, the sources said that Ghafari was involved in smuggling goods and establishing a black market for weapons, which was a competition to the Syrian market.

In addition, the Saudi newspaper Al-Hadathat reported that the Syrians accused the Iranians of exploiting Syrian natural resources, exploiting economic resources and evading paying taxes to Syria, all for the sake of their personal interests. It was further revealed that against the background of the allegations of multiple attacks by the Israeli Air Force, Afari announced that he had deployed Iranian forces even in places not agreed upon by the Syrian regime.

Iranian military forces (Photo: WANA (West Asia News Agency) / Handout via REUTERS)

It was also alleged that Ghafari carried out a number of operations against the US and Israel in violation of the directives, which almost led Syria into an unwanted regional war. Among the operations were US attacks on the country on October 20 by Iranian-backed militias.

Meanwhile, a Syrian source explained that Ghafari’s ouster is a crushing blow to the vision and dream of former Quds Force commander Qassem Suleimani, to let the Iranians control the strategic territory between Iran and Lebanon.

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