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War of nerves for relatives

Man escapes death penalty for fourth time

Richard Glossip (59) has been awaiting execution for 24 years. Now the Ami jumped death from the shovel – again. According to media reports, this is the FOURTH time that his killing has been postponed.

The 59-year-old is in Oklahoma jail for allegedly hiring a hitman in the 1990s to have his boss killed at the time. In 1997, Glossip was convicted of planning the murder of Barry van Treese. The murderer Justin Sneed, who was only 19 at the time, received a life sentence for the act, while Richard Glossip received the death penalty.

To this day, the former motel manager maintains his innocence and has lodged multiple appeals to the death by lethal injection. Incredibly, Glossip has received his last meal three times (including a Wendy’s burger with extra bacon, fish and chips and a strawberry milkshake), and three temporary pardons.

On Thursday, September 22nd, it should be that time again. However, Glossip’s attorney, Don Knight, persuaded the Oklahoma governor to delay the execution again.

The defense attorney argued: “New evidence of my client’s innocence is being uncovered almost daily – including murderer Justin Sneed’s desire to retract his testimony accusing Mister Glossip of orchestrating the murder of Barry van Treesee.”

The killing has now been postponed 60 days to December. Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt said the stay was granted to give the court time to review the case. Attorney Knight thanked for the “extremely considered and compassionate decision”.

Richard Glossip married Lea Rodger (32), who campaigns against the death penalty, in the spring of this year. The groom told a news outlet at the time: “After everything I’ve been through, after losing so much time of my life and so many friends, I am now blessed beyond human imagination.”

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