An indictment was filed against 14 citizens involved in the assassination of Mohsen Fahrizadeh

Prosecutor General of Tehran, Ali Salahi, said today (Sunday) that an indictment has been filed against 14 citizens related to the assassination of Mohsen Fahrizadeh, a senior officer in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and an Iranian nuclear physicist, head of the Iranian nuclear program. Salahi also said that “the defendants participated in intelligence cooperation and espionage for the benefit of the Zionist regime.” Salahi emphasized that the accused “created a conspiracy with the aim of disrupting the security of the country and against the national security of the Islamic Republic”.

As I recall, in November 2020, Iran reported the assassination of Mohsen Pakhrizadeh. The “Al-Arabiya” network reported that the Israeli Mossad recruited a senior official in Iran in order to capture the head of the Iranian nuclear program. In addition, it was reported that in Israel there is a recording of the scientist, where he talked about building five nuclear warheads. The recording, it is said, was presented to the American government during the time of President Bush, already in 2008.

Former Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, accused Israel of the elimination: “The evil hands of global arrogance were stained with the blood of the Zionist mercenaries.” He added in a statement broadcast on state television in Iran that “the assassination shows the depth of our enemy’s desperation and the depth of their hatred. The elimination will not slow down the work of the nuclear program.”

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