A couple of Israelis in their 40s were recently arrested in Istanbul, Turkey, after photographing a “no photography” compound. The case has not been reported in the local media, but according to some reports – the compound in question is the palace of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The case is known and handled by the Foreign Ministry, but so far the Turkish authorities have not provided any official information about their arrest and therefore currently the couple and fences are missing.

According to the publication in Walla !, the Israelis, Egged drivers from Modi’in, sent the photos they took in a family WhatsApp group. The picture of the palace was apparently taken when the ship passed near the place. The two did not know that the photography of the compound was a violation of the law – so they were arrested. The woman’s family filed a complaint about her absence after they lost contact with them and they did not return to Israel last night as planned.

Lawyer Nir Jaslovitz, representing the couple arrested in Turkey, said: “My client’s arrest is unnecessary. All their sin lies in having photographed Erdogan’s palace during an innocent voyage. To the borders of the state for no injustice on their part. “

Recall, after the threat to expel ten Western ambassadors from the country due to their call to release a known civilian activist from prison, about two weeks ago Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that diplomats “corrected their mistakes” when they announced they were obliged to refrain from interfering in Turkey’s internal affairs.

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