Along with the topics of discussion at the NATO summit in Brussels, the change of government in Israel also played an important role in the dialogue between the leaders and the delegations. U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken He said in a conversation with the Maariv emissary to the summit that he and the heads of government expect to work with the new government in Israel, even if no meetings or visits have been scheduled in the meantime.

Asked by Maariv if there are any policy initiatives on the table, Blinkan replied that the American side is ready. However, he said, this is a new government and therefore it should be allowed to organize and start its regular activities. “They are as new as we were in January,” Blinken said, “so in the meantime there is no immediate activity or visits on the episode from either side.“

However, Blinken has already spoken by telephone with his colleague Yair Lapid and invited him to visit Washington. The conversation with Maariv took place on the sidelines of a press conference by US President Joe Biden.

The of Lapid and Bennett (Photo: Knesset Channel)

Compared to Linken, French Foreign Minister Jean.Yves Le Drian is in a hurry to propose re.tightening diplomatic contacts with Israel that have been loosened recently. La Darian told Maariv that he was interested in visiting Israel as soon as possible, among other things to try to promote the initiative to resume talks between Israel and the Palestinians to reach a solution to the conflict, based on the principle of two states. He said he could not have done so under the previous government, even though he tried.

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Even officials in the Turkish delegation to the summit have repeatedly said that they are considering whether this is not the right time to rebuild relations with Israel and say that both sides may take steps to do so.

Polish President Andrzej Duda told Maariv that “12 years of Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister is really a lot.” On the deterioration in relations between the two countries due to the National Memory Protection Act, Auntie said that “there are ups and downs in relations between the two countries,” and that he now expects an increase.

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