– Sergio Mattarella’s decision to remove the prospect of a re-election at Colle was somehow expected by those who are weaving, behind the scenes, the canvas on the February vote. Yet, precisely those who aim to avoid opening up space on early voting were – and still do in reality – rely on the current Head of State. That the President of the Republic may be available is now considered an extreme hypothesis from the moment in which Mattarella today positioned himself on the line of his predecessors.

“Giovanni Leone, like Antonio Segni, was also opposed to the immediate re-election of the President of the Republic and, in parallel, to the institution of the white semester”, said the first office of the state. In fact, throwing the ball back to the parties so that they make responsible choices in the interest of the country. It is in this perspective that those who consider Mario Draghi the right figure to ensure a seven-year career in the sign of more convinced Europeanism, he drew further inspiration. In reality the fog – a common belief between ‘poenes’ and ‘big’ – gets thicker every day. Because the ‘pro Draghi’ front at Colle in recent weeks has dwindled more and more, driven by the majority of deputies and senators who fear the polls.

In the center-right the blue Giacomoni quotes a song by Vasco Rossi (“I’m still here”) for launch the sprint to Berlusconi who has repeatedly repeated to the loyalists that he is not a candidate but at the same time he said he was flattered, especially if “an unexpected gift” arrived. The Azzurri who spoke to him are convinced that about forty votes are missing but even if Minister Mara Carfagna guarantees the compactness of FI in the match, it would be necessary for the votes of the moderates to converge on the former premier.

And it’s not just Iv that’s holding back. And while in the Democratic Party there is the conviction that the ‘101 syndrome’ that sank Prodi is now behind us, also the maneuvers in the European field – the dem operation that is evaluating the entry of M5s into the socialist group and the entry , consequently of Calenda in the group in Renew, where Renzi is present – they could have an outlet in the Quirinale match.

“We aim to split the 5-star Movement”, says a ‘big’ Renziano bluntly. In the background there remains the question of the real intentions of the Prime Minister who today, at the Anci assembly in Parma, in the wake of what was said yesterday, lit a beacon on reforms and on the PNRR, convinced of the need for political forces to think about priorities on the table. But it is precisely in the name of the Draghi agenda that the maneuvers carried out by the centrists in Parliament will begin in the coming weeks.

The thesis is that the future battle will be between those who believe that with the arrival at Palazzo Chigi of the former ECB number one, politics has totally changed without there being any more difference between center-right and center-left and who, on the other hand, believes that after Draghi bipolarism should return. The game on the electoral law remains in ‘stand by’. There is still time, but Mattarella who, among other things, in another passage, in remembering the former president Leone, recalled that “solitude is co-essential to the function of President of the Republic, but no man is alone if he chooses freedom and obedience to one’s conscience “, sent a signal that leaves the parties facing a dilemma to be solved. With the difficulty in finding, even for the many votes not ‘checked’, the convergence on a suitable figure to take the baton from the Head of State.

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