Russia addresses Western accusations regarding the mysterious explosion at sea

The leaking of the destroyed gas pipes: Officials in the West today (Wednesday) referred to the mysterious explosion of the Russian gas pipelines, and said that it is a “serious and very suspicious development, but a full investigation is required to determine what happened”.

A dramatic week in Russia: when is annexation expected and who is responsible for the gas leak?

The Kremlin said on the subject that the two pipelines in question were out of order, and that they do not yet understand the cause of this. They claimed that they are not interested in stopping the activity of the gas pipelines, and that there is currently no expected date for their repair.

European countries yesterday began investigating the unexplained leaks in the pipelines, which pass under the Baltic Sea near Sweden and Denmark, this against the background of the developing energy crisis in Europe since Russia invaded Ukraine. According to Swedish reports, Denmark and Sweden recorded powerful underwater explosions in the areas of the gas pipelines yesterday.

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