Saxony: man killed with an ax because of a defective socket

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Man killed with ax because of defective socket

Rosenbach (Sachsen) – The brutal murder in Vogtland a few months ago: now more details are known!

On April 12, a 27-year-old called the police at 4 a.m. and said he had killed his neighbor (38) in the Syrau district. Both are said to have been friends, the younger one only recently moved from Bavaria.

The Zwickau public prosecutor is now charging him with murder! The “heavily drunk” man is said to have first hit a bottle on the head of the sleeping neighbor in his apartment. When he woke up, he killed him with a knife and an ax, according to senior public prosecutor Ines Leonhardt (49).

The reason was a dispute over a defective socket. He used it to charge his cell phone at night. When the power supply, which ran through the neighbor’s garage, didn’t work, he entered the neighbor’s house through a back door and went nuts.

The trial begins on November 2 in front of the Chemnitz district court.

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