For the first time in the UAE, a civil marriage of Israelis

The Abu Dhabi Civil Court hosted the wedding of two Israeli citizens for the first time. Itamar Bareket, a 26-year-old Tel Aviv native, and Noga Meroz Mioni traveled expressly to the United Arab Emirates to get married in a civil ceremony.

It was wonderful and really moving. Although we live a secular lifestyle, getting married in Israel is not conceivable, the groom told The National. According to the publication, five more Israeli couples have submitted applications to get married in the UAE.

“This is already a family tradition because my parents were the first people to get married in a civil ceremony in the Seychelles. I am aware that many Israelis need to find a location for such a union. The Maldives and the Seychelles are well known. However, Abu Dhabi is close by and a fascinating location, according to Noga. A potential migration to the UAE is another topic the couple discusses.

Additionally, Islamic religious ideas form the foundation of family law in the United Arab Emirates. A legislation on civil family processes, however, was passed in November 2021 and was largely aimed at foreigners residing in the UAE.

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