UK government announces new sanctions against Russia

The UK government has announced that it is imposing new sanctions to restrict Russia’s access to key commercial and transaction services in response to the illegal annexation of Ukrainian territories.

Russia imports 67% of all its services from countries that impose sanctions against it, according to a British government statement.

Russian Ambassador to London Andrey Kelin was summoned to the Foreign Office to tell him “in the strongest terms” Britain’s objections to the Kremlin’s actions.

The sanctions include denying Russia access to Western services on which it depends, such as IT consulting, architectural services, engineering services, and legal advice.

The Foreign Ministry said it would ban the export to Russia of almost 700 goods that are critical to production.

Personal sanctions have been introduced, in particular, against the head of the Central Bank of Russia, Elvira Nabiullina – her possible assets have been frozen. Nabiullina is banned from entering the UK.

The head of the Foreign Office, James Cleverley, said that the sanctions are directed against vulnerable sectors of the Russian economy.

“The Russian regime must be held accountable for this heinous violation of international law. That is why we are working with our international partners to increase economic pressure through targeted new bans.”

The United States also announced a series of new sanctions against hundreds of companies and people, including members of parliament and family members of government officials.

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