Today, on the Day of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, called on the members of the police to be “even fiercer” in the fight against crime and corruption, and emphasized that “party book and position” must not prevent them in that fight.

“You are the ones on whom the fight against crime and corruption depends, I ask you to be even fiercer in that fight, and no one’s party booklet and position must prevent you from obeying the law,” Vucic said at a ceremony in front of the Palace of Serbia. on which 1,337 members of the MUP took the oath.

Vučić told the new members of the Ministry of the Interior that they are guarding the state and assessed that “there is nothing more popular” in society than to blame for everything “the state that gives us everything”.

“Thank you for doing that job, for dealing with murderers, robbers, but also those who give drugs to our children and kill our future,” he pointed out.

Vučić announced that there will be new apartments for members of the police and salary increases this and next year, “because a Serbian police officer must have a life worthy of a man in order to be able to perform his duties accordingly.”

He called on all police officers to do their job with dedication, effort and zeal, equally protecting the rights of all peoples in Serbia.

Vučić said that the life of a police officer is difficult, and that he, as the President of Serbia, will always be there to help them.

“When I say that, I am convinced that you will invest even more effort and energy, that you will have even more strength to deal with crime, corruption and all those who threaten our country,” Vucic added.

He referred to the previous statement of the Minister of Internal Affairs, Aleksandar Vulin, who called Vučić “the president of all Serbs”, and said that he was not the president of all Serbs, but the president of Serbia and all its citizens.

“But I will also never allow us to give up the Serbian people just because we belong to the same family. I will always fight to help the Serbian people without affecting the rights of everyone else,” Vucic emphasized.

Vučić: While I am the president in Serbia, a resolution on Srebrenica will not be passed

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, stated today that he would not allow the adoption of the Resolution on Srebrenica in the Montenegrin Parliament to “put a collective mark on every member of our people”, because the resolution is general and “does not mention individuals who committed horrible acts”.

Answering the questions of the journalists at the ceremony on the occasion of the Police Day, Vučić said that he would “not agree with the adoption of the resolution on Srebrenica in the Assembly of Serbia, about which two proposals were submitted, while he is the President of Serbia.”

According to him, those in Serbia who are in favor of passing a resolution on Srebrenica want to “flatter some ambassadors, counting that they (they) will bring them to power in one way or another.”

He said that it was “completely clear” that the Resolution on Srebrenica adopted by the Montenegrin parliament was “against the vital interests of the Serbian people.”

“We reacted calmly, I did not say a word or I am not interested, they have a nice house far away, let them do their job however they want,” said Vučić and added that in that way Montenegro interferes in something that does not concern that country, because Srebrenica is not in Montenegro.

According to him, Serbia will return to the “path of the economy” in its relations with Montenegro as soon as possible.

“We are ready to help, just don’t talk much about friendship and brotherhood,” Vucic said.

He announced that Serbia would continue to “help cultural institutions in Montenegro even more strongly”.

Vučić: The authorities are investigating the cause of the explosion in Čačak

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, stated today that the authorities are investigating the cause of the new explosion in the factory of the purpose-built industry “Sloboda” in Čačak, and pointed out that “everything is safe and secure”.

“There is one thing that is strange, in the first report I received, the last explosion happened in a room where there were no electrical installations. We will examine in detail all the causes of fires and explosions,” Vucic said at a press conference in front of the Palace of Serbia. “.

Vučić announced that the issue of responsibility in management and, if proven, criminal law will be raised.

Three workers were slightly injured in an explosion in Čačak’s “Sloboda” on Saturday night, and citizens living near the factory were evacuated.

Vučić: The Zemun clan was formed during the time of Djilas and Tadić

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, stated today that the Zemun clan “was formed at the time” of the leader of the Party of Freedom and Justice, Dragan Djilas, and the former president of Serbia, Boris Tadić.

During the press conference in front of the “Serbia” Palace, Vučić, when asked about the Veljko Belivuk clan, answered that there is a problem with crime during every government.

“(The Zemun clan) killed the Prime Minister (Zoran Djindjic), General (Bosko) Buha, Gavro (Momir Gavrilovic) on a staircase nearby. All this in broad daylight. Only after those murders did the showdown with them begin,” he said. Vucic.

Vučić said that “during” the vice president of the SAA, Marinika Tepić, the “narco clan” of Darko Šarić “flourished”.

He announced that there would be more arrests of people from the ruling structure in the fight against crime and those who broke the law.

“By doing so, we want to show everyone that there are no protected people and that the party booklet will not protect anyone,” he said.

Commenting on the statement of the official of the People’s Party, Vladimir Gajic, that after the change of government, the work of the Serbian Progressive Party, the Socialist Party of Serbia and “other derivatives of the Radicals” will be banned, Vucic said that the entire opposition program is based on that.

“We will go to the polls with a different program, the development of Serbia, the pride and dignity of the citizens and the highest rate of economic growth in Europe. So let the citizens choose,” Vucic pointed out.

Vučić assessed that the opposition has the support to win the elections in Belgrade, but that they will fight, and if they fail, they will congratulate “and then get ready for the gulags”.

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