A month before the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, the Japanese government announced the first case of Corona virus infection among foreign delegations after an athlete from Rwanda was identified as a positive carrier even though he was vaccinated.

The daily Asashi Shimbon quoted government officials as saying that nine members of the Uganda delegation – a boxer, weightlifter, swimmer and coaches – arrived at Nariti Airport near Tokyo last night along with about eighty other passengers after a stopover in Qatar.

According to the sources, all members of the delegation received a double vaccination of Astraznica before flying to Japan and upon arrival presented documents confirming that they had negative results from tests that passed within 96 hours of the flight.

Participants from Uganda were asked to give a saliva test for an antigen test. The test of one of the members of the delegation did not provide clear results, and therefore he was asked to also perform a test with a pen, which is considered more sensitive, and she located that he was a positive carrier of the virus.

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Following this, the athlete – whose identity has not been released – was transferred to a government facility, while the rest of the delegation continued to the city of Izumisno in Osaka province, where they are expected to continue their preparations for the opening of the Olympics on July 23.

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