At least 15 people died in a series of attacks in several neighborhoods of the Mexican border town of Reynosa. Gunmen aboard several vehicles opened fire and unleashed panic in the area. The state agency that coordinates the security forces said in a statement that the attacks began early Saturday afternoon in several neighborhoods in the eastern part of the city, bordering McAllen, Texas. One person died in a police attack near a border bridge, but it is unclear whether the others were hit by random attacks or were targeted.

The army, the National Guard, the state police have mobilized to deal with the shootings. Authorities said they arrested a person who had two women, apparently kidnapped, in the trunk of his car, and said they hijacked three vehicles. Reynosa Maki Mayor Esther Ortiz Dominguez sent out a tweet calling for light to be shed on the attack and for citizens to be protected. Criminal activity in the area has long been dominated by the Gulf cartel, but there have been rifts within the gang.


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